STRP Blog Friday Nov 25 Digital art in the hands of the beholder

zondag 27 november 2011

The second weekend of the STRP festival started with the symposium 'Playful Post Digital Culture', centered around the question how we can integrate the digital revolution (your screen and computer) with the physical world around you.

In the film 'the Future of Art' by Emergence Collective from Berlin several artists talked about the universal question for media-art: is the artwork the data or is the artwork the output? The most of them agreed that real art starts with a great concept, not the the choice of a medium. Presenter Gabriel Shalom also announced that he is filming a new documentary at STRP festival called Timeless, which will premiere at MU in January 2012 (
Next speaker: Russel Davies. Not an artist but a self proclaimed idiot, Davies dares us to defile our holy screens. He did this himself by using blackboard paint to make a to do list on the back of his Macbook, causing outrage on the world wide web. As a partner of R/GA London and RIG (the Really Interesting Group), he wowed the crowd by showing some new applications of already existing infrastructures.

Very humoristic example of this is FRSTEE: a christmas ornament in the shape of a snowman, printed by 3D printers, and based on your Twitter activity. His head gets bigger with more people following you, a button is placed down the front for each year you spend on the social website.
Russel Davies also spoke of his hopes for the future: that people continue to express their personal ideas and creativity as freely and lightheartedly as they do online, offline. A video-clip that might inspire you to experiment (and certainly make you laugh):
The moment that ten young Dutch artists had been waiting for then finally arrived: the award ceremony of the STRP Talent Pit competiton. With 1500 votes, Sandra Stoycheva won the public vote with her 'Hourglass'. The jury (Margriet Schavemaker, Ine Poppe, Sander Veenhof and STRP's own Vivian van Gaal) also gave her much praise for her beautiful presentation of a great philosophic concept.
Winner of the jury vote was Adri Schokker's installation ‘Reconstruction of a Catastrophe’.
Combining 3Dprinting and interactivity, Schokker's design is fun for festival-goers to participate in, but also makes them think on another level. It puts you in the middle of a battle field and makes you question your own behavior through technology. Keep an eye out for his work at STRP Festival 2012, the opportunity to exhibit here is part of his winnings.

Also not to be missed was Virtueel Platforms first edition of 'How Do You Do'. Top digital creatives like Daan Roosegaarde, Google, Post Panic, Guerrilla Games and many more gave insight into their way of working and 'the making of' Trans Media, Mobile, Gaming, Art / Experimental, Business development, hybrid computing, Visual Culture and more. Also presenting was Talent Pit nominee Mariska de Groot, who explained the inner workings of her project on optical sound, translated into a light synthesizer.