STRP eSphere reaches the general public

woensdag 30 november 2011

This year the eSphere is used more than ever. 2010 was the first year that the eSphere layed a virtual layer over the festival. This year the eSphere expanded including photo points where you could record your own experience ( and a hilarious video point where you could immeadiately look back at your one minute of fame online.

With your Public Transport card, Citypass or RFID wristband you could show your love by rating artworks with hearts or leave a personal message. The love for the art was palapable: more than 21.000 hearts and 2.500 tags (opinions) were given out. A few remarkable tags: at Face Shift from Arthur Elsenaar -  'Facelious', and at Intimacy 2.0 from Daan Roosegaarde - 'and guys what are they wearing?'. That it is not difficult to rate experienced also the festival goers; at 7 am, after a night partying, the artwork  'Dune' was being tagged.

What was new this year is the mobile website. Next to each work of art stood a touchscreen and a QR code. By scanning the code the mobile website opened allowing the same interaction as the touchscreens. Furthermore this mobile website provided your personal programme and current timeline at hand.
During STRP you could also use the latest NFC technology on the Android smartphone. With this "mighty mouse", visitors can gather their own collection by clicking on the artworks and above all
being adressed with a special message. Afterwards visitors can download a poster of all the artworks that are clicked, whereon personal experiences are combined with those of all other visitors.

With the eSphere booths, QR codes, interactive touchscreens and advanced NFC app for Google phones STRP Festival can hardly be more interactive. That the public is curious about the eSpere show the figures: the festival now has 7,500 eSphere registrations.