STRP Meets Discovery Festival increases in strength with extension to three cities

Entertainment Night on Friday, September 28 in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven

dinsdag 31 juli 2012

After six successful editions of Discovery Festival in Amsterdam it is time for the festival to explore new towns. This year the curious audience in Rotterdam and Eindhoven too can be object of research, moving to the beats of innovative DJs and live bands and visit the interactive art exhibition.
Experiment, science, art
"For six years in a row Discovery Festival is a great success in Amsterdam, but for a long time we dreamed of a larger festival, simply because the combination of science, art and party really deserves a place in the rest of the Netherlands" Tanja King, general project manager of Discovery Festival. By teaming up with new partners such as STRP Festival and Erasmus MC the ambition of the festival to grow in strength has started.

3 cities, 3 themes

The basic elements for the three cities are the same, but they each have a unique program. So they each take a different angle of science under the microscope. In Amsterdam, the public can participate in do-it-yourself science and science projects. The programme for Rotterdam within the theme of "2012 and beyond": future and past as a basis for science. Discovery Festival Eindhoven focuses on the designers of smart technologies and how their research affects humans.

Fly, bird flu and video projections
The first names of the programme are known. Fly Artists invite you to their high-speed camera, filming everything that flies: birds, insects or bats. The images you shoot helps planes and helicopters to improve. Virologist Ron Fouchier managed to get a variant of bird flu to people that is transferable. With this he will make an anti-virus to beat nature. The downside is that,if the virus falls into the wrong hands, it can be used as weapons and may lead to bioterrorism ... At Holland's Next Model drawing, you can examine the impact of light, sound, projections and props on your drawing. How are nude models appear on paper when effects such as projections and experimental music influence the drawing process?

Also there are many experimental and explosive presentations and performances on the programme: the best art-science graduates, 20HP micro talks, the Nano Supermarket, music for growing cells, Tesla Coil, a film programme, DJs, live experiments, workshops and much more.

The presale starts on August 13. More information and programme updates on

Locations, times and prices
Discovery Festival Amsterdam | 20.00 - 4.00 pm | NEMO, Oosterdok 2 (close to Amsterdam CS) | 17.50 euro
Discovery Festival Eindhoven | 20.00-5.00 pm | Klokgebouw, Strijp-S | 15 euro
Discovery Festival Rotterdam | 18:00 - 03:00 am | Museumpark Rotterdam | 5 euro