STRP SCHOOL blog A soap bubble and a chain reaction

By Freddie Aldershoff (14 years old)

woensdag 23 november 2011


It is clear that teachers like the STRP SCHOOL package. Teachers across the country sent nearly 4000 students to STRP Festival. But what do students themselves think of STRP? Does the festival meet the strong demands of an adolescent?


“I found the entrance very cool. It was a hallway with lights and when you made a loud noise the lights turned on.”, is what a young girl said. The entrance was not to everyone taste though. Some boys found it to be childish (after which they ran up and down the hallway again).



Foto: Freddie Aldershoff



“I think the EXPO is more for boys or smaller children because it’s all about technology…”, says a boy. His opinion turns out to be a prejudice. Girls also think the EXPO is fantastic. However, there are more girls than boys sitting on the side-line with a grumpy face. The number one favourite amongst the students is the dark closet: “It really seems exciting, but afterwards it’s not that scary, rather relaxed.” Also the racing cars and the 3D iPad (Palm Top Theater) are popular. “I already kind of knew these things, but I didn’t know what you were able to do with them.”



Foto: Freddie Aldershoff



All girls get really excited during the workshop stop-motion. “In a stop-motion video you actually make things that don’t move, move” says the workshop instructor. In thirty minutes time the students learn to make a short clip about a robot, which varies between a boxing match between Robbie the Robot and Guus Meeuwis and a swimming fish and a robot.



Foto: Freddie Aldershoff



On the other side of the road, in the ‘Ontdekfabriek’, there’s another workshop in which the students learn to make a chain reaction machine. Each group builds a little piece of the chain. Everyone’s very busy with little cubes of wood, wooden boards and golf balls and an hour later everything’s set. A boy pushes over the first cube and then the chain reaction begins… After ‘helping’ the chain reaction five times it reaches the end. It causes a loud bang and a lot of high fives.



Foto: Freddie Aldershoff



In the 5MM (five minute museum) there stands the number one favourite amongst teachers. A large bubble blowing machine. The huge soap bubbles have a hypnotizing effect. When the students have silently gazed at the bubble blowing machine for over five minutes the teacher asks if it’s possible to set one up in the classroom: “They’ve never been this calm!”



Foto: Mick Visser



STRP has passed the test. The festival has been approved by the students. “It was so much fun, everything was really cool!”, is the opinion of an entire class standing near the exit. Was there anything that wasn’t fun? A sturdy boy replies: “That rabbit was so sad, lying quietly in his little cage. But I definitely want to return next year!”