Matthew Herbert presents One Pig- LIVE

the story of a single farm animal from birth to death and beyond

dinsdag 6 september 2011

When the news arrived that UK’s electro sculptor Matthew Herbert was working on a new studio project using a Pig as his main star, PETA had already condemned the work.  Although never intended as a call to vegetarianism, Herbert would prefer that we ate less meat and demanded better conditions for the meat that we did consume.


Herbert was present, microphone in hand, as the little animal emerged into the world and continued to document its life in audio as it grew to adulthood. Though he was prevented from recording the pig’s death by British law, the process included the recording of its subsequent butchery, cooking, consumption and the use of almost every part of the animal to make diverse products, from candles, a drum, paint and dye, to a new musical instrument which plays the animal’s blood.

The result is an elegy to an otherwise anonymous farm animal’s life, a beautiful and compelling account which prompts questions and insight into the presence of an animal so commonly underestimated, under-appreciated and unacknowledged in our society.

Using a brand new musical instrument – the Pig Sty Harp – to manipulate the samples of the animal, along with instruments made from his One Pig, Matthew and his band will retell One Pig’s story in a live show complete with a living pig, live audio-visual composition and on-stage cookery. Bacon and eggs will never be the same.


Matthew Herbert has produced remixes for numerous artists, including Moloko, Ennio Morricone, Quincy Jones, Björk, R.E.M., Perry Farrell, Serge Gainsbourg, Yoko Ono, John Cale, The Avalanches and Cornelius. He programmed three tracks on Björk's Vespertine, and produced The Invisible's debut album, along with Moloko singer Róisín Murphy's album Ruby Blue'.

Recently Matthew has been working with Kevin Macdonald and Ridley Scott on the score for the documentary film life in a day, and with Björk on her new album Biophilia. He has re- composed Mahler's tenth symphony for Deutsche Gramophon and played live shows, and djed around the world.

The studio album will be released on October 10th. Dutch premiere of the show at STRP Festival, Friday 18th of November. We’re still looking for a Dutch pig who would like to participate voluntarily…

Location: Klokgebouw, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Tickets: €15 including Broke party with Herbert himself on the decks among others
Ticketsales start at September 10th at 10 am