STRP Festival 2021: Online workshops Uncertainty Skills

Workshop to better navigate in uncertain moments

At the Academy for Uncertainty Skills students discover what uncertainty skills are. And more importantly, what's in it for them? They find out that competencies such as imagination and creativity are helpful in uncertain situations. From an artist's mindset, the participants are stimulated to look and act differently. Through imagination, beauty and play, participants navigate through the unknown by considering the following questions:

• How do you navigate through the unfamiliar?
• What can we learn from artists?
• What will your course be now that society is full of confusion and old certainties are fluid?
• How do you make a difference in a time of transformation?
• What misunderstandings are there about future thinking?

After an introduction, participants are set to work on practical group assignments in breakout rooms. In groups they investigate and apply uncertainty skills. The answers to above questions will be tackled and participants will have tools to deal with uncertainty.

What does the workshop look like?

The workshop includes imagination exercises, working in pairs with questionnaires, and is supported by a series of drawn Youtopia cards. There are conversations about the similarities and differences of the Youtopia worlds of participants.

Can you understand each other's underlying values? And what is the added value of additional questions by others on top of dreaming yourself?

Finally, we consider which cards are most common in the group and which values ​​are most important. In this way we see whether “our youtopias” could also form a “wetopia”.

• Secondary and vocational education
• Minimum 20 participants per registration
• Online, with live online guidance by an artist
• May 17 - 28, 2021, times in consultation
• Duration 60 minutes
• € 8,- per participant (payment by invoice, CJP or Museumschatten)

Prefer an artist in the classroom? This is possible! A Turn Club artist can come to school to conduct the workshop.

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