STRP Conference for the Curious videos online!

STRP Biënnale 2017 explored the high touch of high tech in the year 2017 with the theme Senses & Sensors. We zoomed in on the in-depth intertwining of the biological and the technological, the physical and the virtual, the analogue and the digital, of touch and tech, and of man and machine, all from a cultural perspective. During STRP Conference for the Curious: Senses & Sensors on 28 March 2017, high-profile speakers explored this theme from different perspectives. Together they outlined the contours of new developments in today’s and tomorrow’s sensory systems, and shared their thoughts on how this could influence us, our culture, and our future.

All presentations, artist talks and lectures are online! With contributions by: Claire L. Evans, Tom Pursey, Sissel Tolaas, Stefan van der Stigchel, Stelarc, Tobias Revell, Thought Collider, Anagram, Memo Akten and Dries Depoorter.

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The highlight of the Conference for the Curious is the keynote by Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of tech-magazine Wired and author of bestsellers such as What Technology Wants and The Inevitable, published in 2016. In his latest book, Kelly explores the twelve driving technological forces defining our lives for the next thirty years. With The Inevitable he offers an optimistic, yet also realistic roadmap for the future, based on three decades of personal experience and involvement in digital technology and the internet.

Watch STRP Keynote with Kevin Kelly and an introduction by Koert van Mensvoort on our Vimeo or YouTube channel.