Ton van Gool announced as new STRP director

Ton van Gool has been selected to succeed Angelique Spaninks as the director of STRP, the organisation highlighting creative technology in Eindhoven for 12 years now. In Van Gool the Board of Directors recognises the passion, vision and cultural entrepreneurship needed to develop STRP further in the years to come.

The choice for Van Gool, current editor-in-chief of VPRO Medialab in Eindhoven, is special because, at the time, he was one of STRP’s initiators. He has always followed STRP’s development closely but was never actively involved in the organisation.

Van Gool has a long track record in Eindhoven’s cultural field. Previously, he was director of De Effenaar and of MU, he was among the instigators of Aria 51 and Baltan Laboratories and, for many years, he was responsible for the cultural development of Strijp S as the city council’s project manager.

Angelique Spaninks, who headed STRP since 2012, combined this role with the directorship of MU, to which she will dedicate herself fully in the coming years.

Van Gool will start on April 1. “We are convinced that Ton is the right person, with fresh ideas for STRP’s next steps,” says Carlo van de Weijer, chairman of the STRP Board of Directors.