Press Release | STRP Biënnale finalizes program

The program of STRP Biënnale, from March 24 to April 2 at the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven, is complete. Senses of both man and machine, Senses & Sensors, are the focal point of the largest event for creative technologies in the Netherlands.

The ten-day festival showcases many new works, both by international leading figures, as well as young local creative talents. STRP Biënnale will be hosted in the enormous warehouses of an old Philips factory. More so than in previous years, does STRP Biënnale focus on new works, often specifically assigned by STRP, and always bearing in mind the monumental surroundings as the backdrop to these pieces.

Artistic director Angelique Spaninks: “I’m very pleased with the cohesive and daring qualities of the program. We bring the most exciting makers of today, who each give insights into what the combination of creativity and technology can lead to.”

Some highlights amongst the exhibitions, performances and dance-nights are:

Fight by Memo Akten

No sensory experience can truly be shared, not even without a filter-bubble. Fight is the international premiere of a virtual reality experience which shows things not as they are, but as we are. Akten is a Turkish artist, musician and hacker, his works having been exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Akten finds inspiration in what artists can do in a world where facts and fiction are submitted to scrutiny.

Pandora’s Dropbox by Katja Heitmann

A new work by Katja Heitmann of both national and international renown. She portrays an ideal world in which people become machines functioning optimally. Her dancers are constructions of bones, muscles, sensors and flesh.

Kevin Kelly

By having Kevin Kelly, best-selling author and tech guru, at STRP Biënnale does STRP demonstrate its ambition to have the world’s most renowned thinkers of tomorrow visit the world’s smartest region.

What If Collective

The young What If Collective from Eindhoven lets visitors create new sounds and images by having them play with a gigantic sensor, shaped as a tape loop. MGNT is a tribute to electronics pioneer Dick Raaymakers.

Local, Eindhoven-based initiatives, such as Het Wild, Albert van Abbe and Modulab, perform next to the industry’s best, from electronic music pioneer Monolake to the iconic gay rapper Zebra Katz.

Completely in line with the theme of Senses & Sensors, artist Margriet Craens will collaborate with IBM’s Chef Watson: A computer which compiles new recipes.

STRP Biënnale showcase dozens of other works in addition to those mentioned above, all of them prima the senses. Tickets available at the website.


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