Press Release | STRP Biënnale 2017 plays with the senses of man and machine

STRP Biënnale 2017 plays with the senses of man and machine
The senses of man and machine, Senses & Sensors, are central to STRP Biënnale 2017. From 24 March to 2 April, visitors from all over the world will come to the Klokgebouw at Strijp S for interactive installations, performances, concerts, lectures and workshops.

New, high-profile parts of the Biënnale are the Award for Creative Technology (ACT) and the deepening and extending of the Conference for the Curious to two days. STRP also shows itself as a cultural magnet through countless co-operations with partners nationally and internationally.

STRP (pronounce ‘stryp’) had grown into the largest event for creative technology in the Netherlands over the course of eight editions, with almost 30,000 visitors in ten days in 2015.

Characteristic is the mix of creativity and technology, which is typical for Eindhoven. Apart from that, STRP produces and presents more and more new work and new concerts by legendary performance pioneers, young choreographers, visionary authors and upcoming hybrid artists.

Senses & Sensors is about perception. Not only sensorial perception, but also the way in which creative technology makes possible an intense way of feeling, tasting, smelling and moving. Art and science have an increasing stake in multi-sensorial experience. This is why STRP focuses on this far-reaching mingling of the biological and the technological, the physical and the virtual, the analogue and the digital.

Director Angelique Spaninks consciously decided on this new set-up: “STRP is a precursor. We are the first to present these works in a large-scale context. We literally create space in the immense halls of the Klokgebouw. With Senses and Sensors we look for more ‘tap, tone and tingle, so to speak.”

Highlights STRP Biënnale 2017
The Amsterdam-based Children of the Light created a furore in the past few years in international clubs and museums. The world premiere of their new work Warping Halos will take place at STRP. It creates a cosmos full of colour that floats on a specially composed soundscape by musical omnivore Huerco S. Even though this installation is an illusion for the senses all by itself, it comes to life in the first weekend of STRP when musicians and artists work with it live. The coming of Cypriot/Australian artist Stelar (one of the godfathers of cyborg art) promises to be a highlight. In 2013 he strolled through the Klokgebouw in a gigantic exoskeleton, he now returns with the European premiere of one of his most recent performances: Re-Wired/Re-Mixed. This work is like a sensorial quartering. Stelar looks through the eyes and hears through the ears of two different people in two different cities. And his right arm is operated by others. Only the rest of his body is still present and recognizably his. He shows and tells us how that feels at STRP first hand.

STRP ACT and Conference for the Curious
The STRP Award for Creative Technology is new, STRP ACT for short, a prize in four parts. Supported by Brabant C, Trudo and Park Strijp Beheer, it will be awarded this year for the first time. At the first ‘open call to ACT’, that was launched late in 2016, there were 61 reactions, from at home and abroad. An international jury chooses the first three winners by the end of January. They will each realise a work for STRP Biënnale 2017 with the prize money.

The STRP Conference for the Curious will experience an upgrade from this year on, partially supported by Brabant C. On 29 March, 12 speakers from culture and science will focus on Senses and Sensors, they will include Stelarc, Tobias Revell and Memo Akten.

The highlight of the conference will be the keynote address by Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of tech-magazine Wired and author of bestsellers such as What Technology Wants and The Inevitable, published last year. In this last book he sketched the twelve driving forces that will define how technology develops in the thirty years ahead. Kelly is one of the few people who has been involved with digital technology and internet for the last thirty years and is continually looking ahead.

The really curious STRP visitor can enjoy not one but two days of stories of the future: on Thursday March 30 partner VPRO Medialab explores the future of media and storytelling. This completes the travelling dialogue visiting five festivals. The basis is the Meet the Maker format in which the visitors can exchange ideas with eighteen radical media innovators. These sessions are part of an extensive programme of three interesting keynotes, guided STRP Expo Tours, live performances, pitching for funding, Exploding Cinema and more. Among other voices cultural hacker and next-level filmmaker Lance Weiler and StoryCode founder Aina Abiodun gives the future form and voice.

Art space MU, opposite the Klokgebouw, presents the high-profile ‘Door into the Dark’ during STRP by the British Anagram. Barefoot, blindfolded and with headphones on, visitors follow a rope with their hands that takes them through a lively world of sensation, risks and illusions. At the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, countless people lined up to take in this live documentary experience. MU and STRP are responsible for the premiere on the  continent.

The high-profile Treehugger van Marshmallow Laser Feast is accessible for adults and children. Visitors are taken into the heart of one of the greatest living creatures on earth: a gigantic Sequoia tree. STRP developed this VR installation with Cinekid Medialab, the London Southbank Centre and het Migrations festival from Wales.

Performance and music
In between all the installations in the immense halls of the Klokgebouw there are regularly pop up performances and theatre to discover. New and promising choreographer Katja Heitmann is doing a pre-premiere of her new project Pandora’s Dropbox. Six dancers literally move on the limits of the machine experience. Choreographer Arno Schuitemaker has adapted his performance of ‘I will wait for you’ especially for STRP, he challenges dancers to publicly enter and remain in a trance state.

This edition of STRP will go further and deeper musically. Local heroes present new work in an evening curated by them. On Saturday 25 March Het Wild and Cairo Liberation Front will present an evening in which Eurabia will take the lead. On Sunday 26 March, Modulab Eindhoven weaves the afternoon seamlessly to the early evening. Between the Modulab sessions, the adventurous cellist Maarten Vos builds bridges between classical and electronic music. Also Huerso S and the Children of the Light will be playing.

On Saturday April 1 in the second weekend of STRP the new A/V show by Albert van Abbe will provide the main entertainment. The evening begins with the full performance of Pandora’s Dropbox by Katja Heitmann. After that futuristic storyteller Liam Young shows his expanded live cinema performance ‘In the Robot Skies’ for the first time in the Netherlands – a story in which he lets us look through the eyes of a drone. Then it will be Huerso S.’ turn. He builds a bridge to music with his Ambient live set. Then the Flemish duo Sendai (Peter van Hoesen and Yves de Mey) will take over the table, to relinquish it an hour later to Albert van Abbe, who sketches light and dark liquid landscapes with minimalist techno and custom audio reactive software. After Van Abbe only sound will govern the night, such as Monolake with a futuristic and outspoken rhythmic Live Surround set full of drone elements.

STRP SHARE is popular, just as during previous editions. More than 6000 children, parents and students attend workshops and tours. Based on their own needs, they can be a part of the creative technology experience. They discover what is possible, what drives artists and technical people and get a look at the possibilities of the future. Think of a virtual reality workshop for children.

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