Albert Van Abbe (NL)

Live A/V

© Boudewijn Bollmann

Dutch techno minimalist Albert van Abbe is immersing crowds with his creative explorations, bridging the gaps between images and sound. Van Abbe IS Eindhoven. His no-nonsense tone and attitude encompass and embody the sound of electronic music in his home town since 2001. He started in the illegal rave circuit and now is the lone ranger, keeping the techno flame dark, dystopian and of course, futuristic.

Van Abbe treats his music as if it represents a physical space, a place for his
audience to join him on a journey through light and sound. After releasing his debut album “Champagne Palestine” on his own VANABBE label he set out to translate the album’s strong narrative into an audiovisual (A/V) live performance, a captivating environment to tell his tale.

Using customized and audio-reactive software, van Abbe takes his audience flying through stripped down landscapes, abstractions of space, through datasmok, slowly uncovering inviting skies and mountaintops filling your lungs to the brim with cleansing air. An audio-visual trip that will bring you closer to yourself.