Anagram (GB)

Door into the dark

The experience lasts a total of forty minutes. Each quarter only one visitor is allowed inside. In New York countless people were in line for Door into the Dark. The news spread like a wildfire that you must immerse yourself in this piece. Eindhoven now experiences the premiere on the European continent.

Blindfolded, shoeless and alone, you feel your way into the dark along a taut length of rope that leads into a vivid aural world of real people who have become profoundly lost, and irreversibly changed. You will pass forests, grass and bridges. Passengers tell you stories. If you want to find your way back to the light, you have to surrender to the unknown.

Door into the Dark is a compelling documentary experience about what it means to be lost in an era of infinite information. It is a combination of a radio play, GPS technology and immersive theatre. Digital technology rarely felt so natural.

The core of ANAGRAM is Amy Rose and May Abdalla – two ex-documentary filmmakers who left their day jobs to strike up a partnership. The birth was in April 2013 and the midwives were Blast Theory – the extraordinary interactive arts company based in Brighton. In their work they replace the visual with the sensual and integrate interactive technology within vivid documentary storytelling. An iteration of Door into the Dark was presented at the iDocs Conference at The Watershed in Bristol on 21st & 22nd March 2014. The premiere was at Sheffield International Documentary Festival in June 2014 and then the first international tour date at Tribeca Film Festival, 2015 – where it won the Storyscapes award for best interactive work. The jury called it: “Ambitious, simple and profound, this work marks a fresh and promising direction for the field of immersive theatre. It evoked a euphoria that stayed with us long after we left it.”

Door into the Dark is a coproduction with MU and will be on show there between March 16th and April 17th. Door into the Dark is an experience for one person at a time and lasts 45 minutes. The installation allows a limited number of visitors. To ensure entry, please reserve a timeslot.


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