Arno Schuitemaker (NL)

Waiting for you

© Hélène Boyer

In Waiting for you, choreographer Arno Schuitemaker invites the audience to share the stage with three performers in a light and sound filled environment. No stand, no fixed seats, no fixed audience perspective, but the opportunity to congregate and get into a trance.

Press and public have praised Arno Schuitemaker for his physical immersion and magical simplicity of work. Fascinated by the elusive nature of love, Schuitemaker plays in Waiting for you with the visible and the invisible, light and darkness, rhythm and repetition. He evokes a timeless universe that is completely recognizable, but feels refreshingly new.

For STRP Biennial 2017 Schuitemaker made a distinct adaptive version of the piece that will be performed between the installations in the exhibition.

“Waiting for you excels in seamless construction. The conceptual also has an emotional charge, which makes it clever. – De Volkskrant