Cairo Liberation Front (NL) x High Wolf (FR)

© Tim Roelofs

Four years ago Cairo Liberation Front had their second show ever at STRP Biennial.

From then on, the duo from Tilburg performed their new wave of Arab wedding rave at places like Pukkelpop, Dour and Art Basel Dubai. Time to ask them back.

CLF promotes the sonic Arabic revolution by playing electro cha3bi from the popular neighbourhoods of Cairo. Producers use cracked software; combine American hip-hop, eurohouse and Arabic rhythms. Like Omar Souleyman meeting Sean Paul and Aphex Twin at a wedding party. It has the live power of punk rock shows and early house parties.

At Eindhoven Psych Lab, Cairo Liberation Front collaborated with High Wolf, a French musician who is known for his mystical percussive tribal sounds. He has worked with Sun Araw en Jim O’Rourke and draws inspiration from African and Asian culture.

Cairo Liberation Front sounds like the tie dye of their trademark tea towels.

Floating Arab synth rugs are draped on a layer of live drums, which take visitors on a trip. As if there used to be a krautrock band from the Far East whose recordings have just been discovered. All of this can be heard on their own Eurabia evening, where they interact with their friends from HET WILD.