Carolien Teunisse (NL)

Stepping is Believing

Stepping is Believing is a VR-game in which you enter, along with a fellow player, five levels of weightless fantasy worlds on a fitness stepper. By stepping you will fly upwards in a virtual world. To reach the next level you have to complete abstract tasks that force you to take a different look at the world.

Stepping is Beleiving is the brainchild of media artist Caroline Teunisse. In her work she creates new dialogues through different realities where people and technology meet. Her installations consist of augmented and virtual reality, video projections and sensors that offer participants an immersive experience.

Stepping is Believing is part of the Sensory Gym.



Lisanne Blok, Camille van Zantvoort, Daan van der Cruijsen, Lorenzo Nuijts, Stef Verstraten en Kevin van Wingaarden (SintLucas) and Iris Meule (AKV|St.Joost Breda).