Chagall (NL)

In a mesmerising audio-visual music performance Chagall explores new computer-human interactions with the wearable gloves system. Through sophisticated choreography of her hand movements she brings the finer details of electronic music production to life and controls not only all electronic layers and vocal effects but also unique reactive visual projections demonstrating the additional power of the technology. The performance is drenched in state-of-the art technology, but it’s the humanity and fluidity of Chagall’s movements proves that technology is not impersonal and mechanical.

Chagall is a London-based, Dutch electronic music producer, songwriter and vocalist. Her latest self-released EP Stray Flux introduced us to her alien but soulful voice. Her music draws upon influences ranging from the soulful experimentalism of James Blake, to the eclectic world of Björk, all underpinned by a dark underbelly reminiscent of Burial and a growing generation of female producers like FKA Twigs and Tirzah. The gloves, firstly used by singer-songwriter Imogen Heap, fascinated Chagall. In 2014 she became part of the development team and put together her gloves herself.

This artist is part of STRP Sounds x Modulab. This event can be visited with a STRP expo ticket.

On Saturday 25 March from 15:00 to 15:20 h (Zone 2) Chagall will give a presentation in which she will demonstrates the gloves and further elaborate.