Children of the Light (NL)

Warping Halos

Children of the Light share their fascination with light in a playful and unconventional way with their audience. Warping Halos evokes a magical and ephemeral cosmic order. Having used only white light before, Children of the Light draw for Warping Halos from a palette of colours. DJ and producer Huerco S. made a soundscape that completes the work.

Children of the Light, a collaboration of visual artists Christopher Gabriel and Arnout Hulskamp, tend to both entrance and mystify the public, creating abstract and highly spherical scenographies and installations. Their work is in the tradition of James Turrell and Olafur Eliasson. Recently Children of the Light moved their studio to De School, a club in Amsterdam, where they have a long-term residency. Amongst other projects, they created the performative installation Mirror Moon for Nicolas Jaar & Dave Harrington’s DARKSIDE, and exhibited their work Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam, and  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. In 2017 gallery Gabriel Rolt, Amsterdam, organizes their first solo exhibition.

Their interactive art installations explore light in all its qualities and facets. By hiding the underlying technology and using transformable elements, they play with the perception and imagination of the viewer. Previously, they worked only with light and dark. At STRP Biennial they will use colour for the first time. Their work DIAPOSITIVE, in which they used monochrome light, represented the moon. Warping Halos unravels sunlight is not essentially white, but constructed of many colours.