Chris Salter (CA), Luis Rodil-Fernández (ES/NL) & TeZ (IT/NL)


Other/Self is a performative installation exploring the tension between a vision of the self as “quantified” versus a “qualified” self that emerges through the embodied and sensorial presence of the other. The installation consists of an immersive sound, light and haptic experience directly modulated by one of our most intimate and felt bodily experiences: our heartbeat. Two visitors at a time enter a brightly lit enclosed room and put on a set of wearable sensors and actuators. Sitting side by side but facing in opposite directions, the visitors are suddenly plunged into total darkness. Very gradually, each individual begins to barely feel the heartbeat of the other, transferred and transformed into various luminous, acoustic and haptic patterns at varying levels of intensity. As the visitors’ breathing and heartbeats come into synchrony, the sensorial and corporeal encounter begins to change. Rapid, abrupt changes of light, sound and vibration build to an uncanny climax in which the border between self and other, self and environment dissolves.

Other/Self is collaboration between Chris Salter, TeZ and Luis Rodil Fernández with Philips Research, Holst Centre, Baltan Laboratories and other partners. Artist Chris Salter is the authority when it comes to exploring frontier areas between the senses, art, design and technology. He has been working for twenty years on large-scale projects in which his research as a researcher and professor, associated with Concordia University in Montreal, connects with immersive installations and performances.


An installation by Luis Rodil-Fernández, Chris Salter and TeZ in collaboration with Sofian Audry, Jeronimo Barbosa, Garrett Lockhart, Joseph Plazak and Jelle Reith

Conception and Direction: Luis Rodil-Fernández, Chris Salter and TeZ

Sensing/Electronics/Wearables: Joseph Plazak, Luis Rodil-Fernández, Jelle Reith , TeZ

Media Control Software: Sofian Audry and Jeronimo Barbosa

Production Assistance: Garrett Lockhart

Co-Production: BALTAN, STRP and xmodal/Montreal

Photo credit: TeZ/ Luis Rodil-Fernández

With the support of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC), Speculative Life Cluster/Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology and The Center for Sensory Studies (Concordia University), BALTAN laboratories and STRP.