Colin Benders (NL)

Colin Benders is a Dutch producer with an affinity towards ‘impossible projects’. You might know him as Kyteman with his Kyteman Orchestra. He traded his trumpet and orchestra for a modular synthesizermonster: a wall of electronic modules, which generate sounds as they interconnect. Those sounds can be manipulated by using available parameters. Even though Benders has yet to officially release, he is already drawing in thousands of live viewers every session on his live streams. With this in mind currently Colin is working on a highly anticipated EP that will showcase an array of most loved ‘jams’.

Colin Benders made his debut under the name Kyteman, producing a hip hop album named “The Hermit Sessions” released in 2009. This record became an unexpected success, ultimately gaining double platinum status. In this same period Colin started The Kyteman Orchestra, a live spectacle with sometimes as many as eighty people on stage. The Kyteman Orchestra sold out their entire tour for all three albums they released.

Although the instrument changed, there are still similarities with his previous work. As he explains in an interview with 3voor12: “Just as with Kyteman I’m always looking for a certain sphere and energy drive. During the jam sessions I was searching a kind of freedom by playing intuitively. It is more about the sense than the style. I noticed I can play the same way with the synthesizer.”


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