Conference for the curious

STRP & VPRO Medialab

Conference for the Curious

Conference for the Curious is the meeting place for the most curious STRP Biënnale visitors. This year the Conference for the Curious consists of not just one, but two days of in-depth talks and interviews with creators and thinkers, do-ers and experts, who are pushing and shifting borders within their fields of expertise. The second day of the conference has been produced in collaboration with VPRO Medialab.

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Language: English


29 March, 09:30 – 19:00

On the first day, STRP zooms in on the theme of STRP Biënnale 2017: Senses & Sensors. High-profile speakers will explore this theme from different perspectives. Science/sciencefiction author, and half of the conceptual pop group YACHT, Claire L. Evans will give a talk about the sound of post-human music. Tom Pursey will talk about Tate Sensorium, a multi-sensory art exhibition. Smell-expert Sissel Tolaas will explain her belief that smell is a very crucial component when defining, understanding and orienting within a specific environment. Associate professor at Utrecht University, Stefan van der Stigchel will give a talk about how attention and visual awareness shape the perception of the world around us. Next to this, six artists and designers whose works are on display in the STRP Biënnale exhibition: Stelarc, Tobias Revell, Thought Collider, Anagram, Memo Akten and Dries Depoorter will share their visions and talk about their practices. Together they outline the contours of new developments in today’s and tomorrow’s sensory systems, and will share their thoughts on how this could influence us, our culture, and our future. Full of curiosity, Isolde Hallensleben will turn our speakers inside out in a friendly and sharp-witted way.


29 March, 20:00 – 23:00

Highlight of the Conference for the Curious is the keynote by Kevin Kelly, one of the founders of tech-magazine Wired and author of bestsellers such as What Technology Wants and The Inevitable, published in 2016. In his latest book, Kelly explores the twelve driving technological forces defining our lives for the next thirty years. With The Inevitable he offers an optimistic, yet also realistic roadmap for the future, based on three decades of personal experience and involvement in digital technology and the internet.

Artist, philosopher and director of Next Nature Network, Koert van Mensvoort will introduce this evening and moderate the keynote with Kevin Kelly.

VPRO Medialab Explores the Future of Media and Storytelling

30 March, 09:30 – 18:00

The most curious STRP visitor can enjoy not one but two days of stories of the future: on Thursday 30 March VPRO Medialab will explore the future of media and storytelling. This completes the travelling dialogue visiting five festivals. The basis is the Meet the Maker format in which the visitors can exchange ideas with eighteen radical media innovators, like Floris Kaayk, Steye Hallema and Ersin Han Ersin (Marshmallow Laser Feast). These sessions are part of an extensive programme of three interesting keynotes, STRP Biënnale Expo Tours, storytelling and HoloLens workshops, Pitching for Funding, Exploding Cinema and more. Among other voices cultural hacker and next-level filmmaker Lance Weiler and StoryCode founder Aina Abiodun gives the future form and voice. This is also your chance to meet some STRP Biënnale 2017 artists, like: Richard Vijgen, Leanne Wijnsma, Anagram and Polymorf.


30 March, 20:00 – 23:30
After the success of the interactive documentary {The And}, The Skin Deep decided to make the concept even more intimate and interactive by involving their audience directly. In the documentary two people ask each other confrontational questions about their relationship. Questions they are dying to know but afraid to ask. As with the film, the core of the live experience is the same kind of provocative, funny and profound questions. Audience members are invited to turn to their neighbours and probe with provocative queries like, “What would I have to do to make you kill me?” or “Why do you think you are a good person?”. With minimal technology The Skin Deep creates a pleasant environment where you may learn something new about yourself or someone else. And remind you just how pleasant real human connection can be.



Tickets cost € 50,- per day, € 35,- for the evening program with Kevin Kelly, or € 100,- for both days (including Kevin Kelly). Students get a discount.

Let’s make sense of the future now!


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