Daan Brinkmann & Gosse de Kort (NL)


At the centre of a circular room you will find a mysterious object. A pillar of mechanics reminiscent of an old movie projector: lenses, diaphragms, turntables, mirrors and a light source. The exterior of the object is covered by a large amount of sensors. As a visitor, you’ll be tempted to put your hand on it. Only when you do this, a movement starts. Once you touch a fellow visitor, you create a sort of circuit and the machine comes to life.

All heads begin to turn. The result is a projection, which appears to be infinite so that the entire space is filled with light and sound. A sea of abstract light patterns, that do not come from a filmstrip, surround you. The light is an artefact of the inner mechanics of the projector itself. The way you touch each other has a direct effect on the images you see, even the slightest touch results in a panorama of moving light.

Radial is a new extended version of Hybrid, an installation Brinkmann and De Kort designed in 2010 for the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam.