Gijs Gieskes (NL)

Sound designer Gijs Gieskes makes objects/ devices/ systems which can be described as an unintentional and unexplained consequence of a disturbance in one or more digital information flows. Another name for this phenomenon is ‘glitch’. Digital information streams are encoded, often with the aid of one or more compressions, in order to be transmitted or stored as quickly as possible.

Gieskes builds musical and visual equipment which circuits are routed (circuit bending) and disrupted, causing a (new) sound or picture. The machines look technical, but also tinkered with exposed wires and plugs, as if you could make them yourself and are very attractive to play with. As a result you’ll hear the most intriguing beats and soundscapes.


This artist is part of STRP Sounds x Modulab. This event can be visited with a STRP expo ticket.