Katja Heitmann (DE/NL)

Pandora’s Dropbox

The setting of art can determine how we experience it. The exasperating slow movements of the dancers in Pandora’s Dropbox works very differently in the immense white cube of the Klokgebouw than in the intimate black box of a theatre setting. For STRP Biënnale Katja Heitmann developed a sculptural version of the theatre-performance Pandora’s Dropbox. At set times at a number of locations within the exhibition six performers appear who have the mission to maintain balance at all times. This work investigates whether or not a human being may be a fully functioning machine, a device of bones, muscles, sensors, and meat. Heitmann’s man-machines contrast beautifully against a backdrop of technological installations in the Senses & Sensors exhibition and the huge hall of the former Philips factory.

Young choreographer Katja Heitmann recently won the award of the Dutch Dance Festival and starts to make national and international furore. She operates at the intersection between theatre, dance, visual art, performance and installation. In her performances she explores what makes man move in the current era. Does man moves his machines, or do machines move man? Her performances reveal poetically an answer to this ambiguous question.

Full credits / Full credits

concept, choreography: Katja Heitmann

concept, sounscape, light Sander van der Schaaf

producer: This is not a show

performers: Eleni Ploumi, Celine Werkhoven, Tommy Pham, Lorenzo Capodieci, Anna Zurkirchen, Merle Schiebergen, Hannah Rogerson, Wies Berkhout

costumes: ByvanHarten

dramaturgy: Ingrid de Rond

co-production: DansBrabant (NL), tanzhaus nrw (DE), SPRING (NL)

supported by: Fonds Podiumkunsten, PLAN Noord Brabant

partners: Workspace Brussels, STRP Biënnale, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Fontys Dance Academy, Het Huis Utrecht