Liam Young (AU)

In the robot skies

In the Robot Skies is the first feature film entirely shot by pre-programmed drones. The short film is set in London in the near future in which drones are as ubiquitous as pigeons. Through the eyes of the drone we see two teenagers each held by police order within the digital confines of their council estate tower block. A network of drones survey the council estates, as a roving flock off CCTV cameras. We watch as they pass notes to each other via their own hacked and decorated drone, like kids in an old fashioned classroom, scribbling messages, tagging their technology.

Liam Young, director of In the Robot Skies, is a speculative architect and founder of Tomorrows Thoughts Today, a think tank that operates in the areas of design, fiction and future. For STRP Liam Young will bring the Expanded Cinema Performance version of In The Robot Skies to Eindhoven in which he will be joined by his friend Forest Swords (GB) known for his unique and contemporary form of dub music. Besides his trademark sound Forest Swords also does special projects in the field of contemporary art. At STRP he will focus on this collaborative aspect of his work. The soundscape he made for this performance together with Liam Young will be an opportunity to get to know this lesser known side of his practice first hand.