Marshmallow Laser Feast (GB)

Treehugger: Wawona

In virtual reality, you can become one with nature. With a VR headset on, you move your way into the secret inner world of a giant Sequoia tree. You will embark on a journey of abstract visualisation, following a single drop of water as it traverses from root to canopy in these enormous living structures. The experience takes visitors further up to the majestic canopy, where they can marvel at complex energy flows that reach the highest branches.The longer you hug the tree, the deeper you drift into ‘treetime’: a hidden dimension that lies just beyond the limit of our senses.

Treehugger is the brainchild of Marshmallow Laser Feast, a London based experiential studio working at the intersection of technology, art and science. Always looking to create ground-breaking experiences that immerse and amaze in completely unexpected ways, they employ a wealth of creative disciplines, from photo-real virtual reality to robotic performance and realtime mapping. In 2013 their Laser Forest was one of the highlights during the STRP Biennial, this time it is not a forest, but a tree with which they enchant the audience.