Mats Horbach (NL)


Hidden behind black glossy design or invisible in the air. Technology is all around us, but more and more out of sight while the technology itself perceive us better. How do they do this? How do they perceive us? How do their senses work?

Sensotope makes technology accessible to be explored and discovered. The installation is an interactive ecosystem of sensors that are connected to each other and observe the visitor in their own way. The sensors pass the received incentives along to the processor that gives it meaning. Sensotope invites the visitor to see and be seen, to listen and be listened to and to feel and be felt. Discover what sensors actually do and what is happening behind the scenes of our devices.

Mats Horbach developed Sensotope for Pitch your Project, a cooperation of STRP, Kunstbalie and BKKC, which focuses on talented young artists. The assignment was: “Develop an educational project for pupils between ten and fourteen years old around the Senses & Sensors theme that will be both creatively and technologically challenging. The project consists of an installation and/or workshop that will fit in a school and festival setting “. The three finalists were supported in their task in a coaching course. Mats Horbach came up with the winning design.

Mats Horbach is fascinated by the invisible elements around us. His interest goes to visualize the invisible and unravel abstract themes. Horbach began at Eindhoven University of Technology but left after his first year to study at the Design Academy Eindhoven, where he graduated in 2012 with honours. His educational background is reflected in his work. With his interest in technology, he creates narrative projects with an informative slant. His work covers both the 3D and 2D field, both with a clear graphic design language.