Me & Chef Watson

A dinner invented by machine prepared by man. In Me & Chef Watson Margriet Craens teams up with IBM’s Chef Watson; a computer program that helps cooks discover and create original recipes with the help of flavour compound algorithms. “Cognitive cooking’, as Chef Watson calls it. Watson is not tied to predefined combinations or certain traditions. It can think of all possible and unexpectedly delicious combinations. But Watson also lacks certain skills, it can’t actually cook for example, let alone taste. Margriet can, of course, but she also comes with pre-set preferences, prejudices and personal memories. You can taste the result of this collaboration at a four-course surprise dinner. Between courses Chef Watson talks to the audience about their experience.

Margriet Craens works in Eindhoven as a multi-disciplinary artist and writer, experimenting with art, design, food, and culture. Craens is one of the founders of the 70% BAR and The Fat Pony, where she explores the boundaries and intersections between the restaurant and artworld.

The four-course surprise dinner lasts about one and a half hour and costs €50, – per person (including drinks, coffee and tea). Tickets are available at our website. For questions, or passing on allergies please mail to

project by: Margriet Craens in collaboration with Chieri Higa

concept development: Lucas Maassen

direction: Lisah Baert