Monolake (DE)

Live Surround 2017

© Michael Breyer

What Les Paul did for the guitar, Robert Henke, developer of Ableton Live, did for electronic music. He picked up an instrument (the laptop) and used his technical and musical insight to achieve something that became the standard for a new electronic sound. Coming from a strong engineering background, Henke is fascinated by the beauty of technical objects and developing his own instruments and algorithms is an integral part of his creative process.

Henke’s materials are computer generated sound and images, field recordings, photography and light; transformed, re-arranged and modulated by mathematical rules, real time interaction and controlled random operations. Visitors of the previous edition of STRP Biennial probably remembered opening act Lumière II. It was literally a visionary work where he painted with lasers, which he transformed into live sound. Henke, who is coming back under his alias Mono Lake, goes back to the essence. A show without visuals, with absolute focus on the music. Live Surround 2017 is about the total experience of sound. It’s futuristic, rhythmically and exploring the edges of the dance with deep bass and elements of the drone.