Richard Vijgen (NL)

The architecture of radio

A field guide to the hidden world of digital networks, is the subtitle of Richard Vijgen’s app ‘The Architecture of Radio’, which earned him an honourable mention  during Ars Electronica 2016. According to Vijgen, the infosphere in which we live is built from a complex network of signals of WiFi points, gsm masts and gps satellites, that completely surrounds us. Our digital lives completely depend on these very material systems for our communication, observation and navigation. The Architecture of Radio app (both for IOS and Android) shows this network of networks, this invisible technological landscape with which we interact through our devices. Based on your gps location the app visualizes 360 degrees of all the signals around you. The dataset consists of almost 7 million gsm masts, 19 million WiFi routers and hundreds of satellites.

Vijgen creates a power-of-10-panorama especially for STRP that reaches even further than the app. If the app show the WiFi, gps and satellite signals within a radius of 1 km, on the screen behind it the signals further on slowly go by in a radius of 10 to 100 km.