Ricky van Broekhoven (NL)

Fluid Resonance

Fluid Resonance is an interactive audio-visual musical instrument that uses sound energy to generate wave patterns in water. The instrument is inspired by the theremin, an illustrious musical from 1919 that is viewed as the precursor of the synthesizer. Just like the theremin, it is possible to create hypnotic sounds and patterns without physical contact. You can play the instrument by moving your hands in the water, this will create interferences in the electromagnetic field. Those interferences, waves, determine the frequency (pitch) and amplitude (strength tone) of the sound. Every little movement will be audible and visible.

Sound designer Ricky van Broekhoven invented Fluid Resonance. In his work he adapts natural forces and processes to make sound vibration observable. He engineers prototype tools and devices that help him creating unique objects and immersive environments. Fluid Resonance stems from collaboration between Van Broekhoven and elderly people with a background in technology from Eindhoven.

Fluid Resonance is part of STRP SENIOR that reconciles knowledge and skills of both the younger and older generations. This with the notion that every participant can learn something from one another, and the notion that the passing and sharing of knowledge can merit some surprising results.


Antoon Weemers, Dick de Roo, Ed Schaffer, Eduard de Greef, Frans Huybens, Harry Kivits, Jos de Zeeuw, Onno van Tertholen, Renée Peper and Ruud Mulder.


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