Robbers/ Krijger/ Winkel (NL)

Stefan Robbers

Three modular monsters from the Eindhoven electronic music scene started monthly nights focused on DIY and modular synths. With cables like spaghetti they connect analogue machines, which makes electronic music fun and direct again.

Stefan Robbers is one of the most versatile and productive musicians from Eindhoven. If you don’t know who he is: just google him. Over the last years, having the urge to have a more hands-on experience, and enjoy the outcome of coincidental musical harmony, Robbers reverted back to using more hardware music equipment and came up with the idea to have a more dubby approach of creating music.

Allard Krijger started working on different projects like The Exploration of Non Existing Musical Instruments (ENEMI) as FRAKnoise. As a composer/musician he joined the foundation of Composers Of superfluous Music (Componisten van Overbodige Muziek – His second project: The Fables of Allard Krijger (2001) is a concept album with a couple of fables. After that, he was so busy sorting out his own life that all projects came to a grinding hold. Until now….

Jurgen Winkel is a producer/musician/artist & performer. He started as musician as a member of the band BLIND an underground electro-rock band during the late eighties and nineties. Blind toured several years in Europa and played on many festivals. By the name SONICrider, he started producing tracks. Winkel currently combines electronic music and analogue sounds, producing experimental danceable music with all kinds of styles: during a performance the audience will be guided through a world of sound & vision.


These artists are part of STRP Sounds x Modulab. This event can be visited with a STRP expo ticket.