On Thursday 27 September, we are organising the first edition of STRP SCENARIO; a new, small event with the aim of finding dialogue, both with speakers and with a wider public. The theme of STRP SCENARIO #1 is ‘getting into action’. Various practical idealists give us insight into their motives and into what has driven them to act. How can we contribute to a more open and hopeful future? What can we substitute for the dominant, dystopian mind-set? When do we stop talking about this and start taking action?

During STRP SCENARIO #1 activists, doers and idealists talk about how and why they are taking action. Writer and podcast maker Nikki Dekker will host and moderate the programme. She has made the podcast series ‘How to get into action’ for VPRO. Storyteller Sahand Sahebdivani wants to take the intercultural dialogue a step further and established Cafe Mezrab in Amsterdam with this objective in mind. Russian/Canadian poet Anna Arov is editor of the magazine Versal, in which activism and poetry come together. Dave Hakkens designed the Precious Plastic machine, with which he helps the whole world to recycle plastic. Aline Muylaert of CitizenLab in Brussel explains their plan to renew citizen democracy and participation using digital technology. Wieteke Brocken is the driving force behind Aarde en Co, that designs concepts, experiences and products that seek to improve sustainability, health and awareness from a holistic and circular economy approach. Be inspired or share your thoughts and actions for a better world with us!

Date and time: Thursday 27 September from 20:00 to 22:00
Location: De Bank (former ABN AMRO Bank), Wal 15, Eindhoven
Entry: € 5,00 including 1 drink – tickets

The STRP annual programme for 2019 and 2020 is based on a critical optimistic exploration into positive futurism and the role technology and art can play in this. As well as STRP Festival, STRP SCENARIO and STRP POP UP are part of the annual programme. STRP SCENARIO is a series of new, small events with the aim of establishing a dialogue with our audience, artists, designers and media-makers about the theme. We will organise 3 STRP SCENARIO evenings preceding STRP Festival (30 March to 7 April 2019).