Sendai (BE)

Peter van Hoesen & Yves de Mey

What do you get when a techno tastemaker from Belgium cooperates with one of the most prominent Belgian sound designers? Sendai makes distorted mechanical music for space travel. Functional and abstract. Dark in feel, bright in tone. Standard techno is often fodder for the floor. Sendai’s sound is close to an abstract formula that has yet to be resolved. Their last album Ground and Figure, released on the prestigious Editions Mego label, is between leading innovators like Xenakis and Fennesz perhaps the most danceable release ever.

Peter van Hoesen is not a typical techno artist. He makes music to dance or to dream away, played at places Resident Advisor names the best clubs in the world. He is the driving force behind the connoisseurs’ labels Time to Express (for deep and physical electronic music) and Foton (minimal soundscapes).

Yves de Mey is a Belgian sound designer. Theatergoers know him from the soundtracks for Het Toneelhuis and Ultima Vez. Gonzo (Circus) readers know him as one of the driving forces behind the Belgian electronic underground. Sendai is deeply rooted in Brussels and more futuristic than the Atomium.