Stefan van der Stigchel (NL)

Sensory information and your brain


Every waking moment, your brain is bombarded with sensory information. Although you might have the impression of a rich world full of sensory information, we know that your brain only represents very little of this world at each given moment. The attentional filters in our brain select the important sensory information for further processing and ignore all other information. But what determines what you select at each individual moment in time? What if we could influence the attentional settings of other people and track their perception?

Stefan van der Stigchel is an associate professor at Utrecht University and head of the research group Attentionlab. The group’s aim is to study how attention and visual awareness shape the perception of the world around us. Stefan is a member of The Young Academy, a dynamic and innovative group of top young scientists within the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and author of the recently published popular science book about attention: ‘Zo werkt aandacht’.