Steve Maher (IE)

Heavy Metal Detector

Heavy Metal Detector offers you the chance to listen to underground music, literally and figuratively. With a ‘heavy metal detector’ you wander off Strijp-S looking for all kinds of metal. When you get lucky, you’ll hear no annoying beep but you guessed it… heavy metal.

Maher, originally from Ireland, has a residency in Helsinki, Finland. The country is known for its metal bands, with Nightwish as most famous export product. Maher wanted to offer professional musicians from the local scene a platform. Metal bands that have a close connection to the city that resounds in their music. Inspired by the landscape, the buildings, the materials. Heavy Metal detector had its premiere in Maunula, a suburb of Helsinki. There was plenty to be found underground. Maybe it will be the same in Eindhoven. If not, there is always something to find like a metal manhole cover or steel pipe where you can swing along the detector.

Steve Maher is an award winning international visual and socially engaged artist; he is an experienced Independent researcher, writer, inventor, philologist and curator. Maher works across a variety of multimedia as well as within the social realm, with a strong foundation in co-creative and dialogical practice.

If you want to dig deep and join a guided tour, you can subscribe at the STRP reception.

Heavy Metal Detector cooperates with the following Metal bands from Eindhoven:

Throw me in the Crater
Sisters of Suffocation
White Boy Wasted