The Skin Deep (US)

{THE AND} interactive installation

© Carla Tramullas

“What pain in me do you wish you could heal?”

“Is love present when sexual intimacy is dead?”

{The AND} is a multiple award winning project. The concept simple: a couple ask each other tough but honest questions. Questions they are dying to know but are afraid to ask. Like “What is your strategy when we argue?” or “Am I the best sex you ever had?”. Thirty couples of various structures and orientations including polyamorous, monogamous, straight, LGBTQ, young, and old subjected themselves to this same intense interview process. Among the couples there are also some best friends, exes or siblings. Their answers are filmed close up on a split screen, viewed from three angles: left and right individual close-ups of the interlocutors and in the middle a wider shot of the two together.

As a visitor, you will see a personalized version based on the answers you would give to a couple of similar questions. So everybody gets their own set of peeks into others relations, but more important, will probably also start thinking of what they would answer themselves if they would sit opposite their loved one.

Since its start in 2014, {The AND} has developed into a multifaceted project that include live events. During STRP Biennial 2017 you can watch the live experiences on March 30 and 31.