The Skin Deep (US)

{The AND} live experience

After the success of the interactive documentary {The And}, which can be seen on the STRP expo, the creators decided to make the concept even more intimate and interactive by involving their audience directly. In the documentary two people ask each other confrontational questions about their relationship. Questions they are dying to know but afraid to ask. As with the film, the core of the live experience is the same kind of provocative, funny and profound questions. Audience members are invited to turn to their neighbours and probe with provocative queries like, “What would I have to do to make you kill me?” or “Why do you think you are a good person?”. With minimal technology The Skin Deep creates a pleasant environment where you may learn something new about yourself or someone else. And remind you just how pleasant real human connection can be.


Next to this life performance, {The And} will be on show in the STRP Biënnale expo.