Thought Collider (NL)


Thought Collider is an art, design and research practice exploring metabolic processes, bodies and spaces. It comprises the work of Mike Thompson (UK) and Susana Cámara Leret (ES). In this edition, they work with STRP in several ways. First, they will develop a Senses Orchestra Masterclass together with Sissel Tolaas. This masterclass will, amongst other things, result in a basic ‘manual for designing with the Senses’ and is the starting point for a long-term SENSE COOP research project that will be further developed by MU during coming years. Besides this masterclass, Thought Collider is also showing a new iteration of their project called The Rhythm of Life. This is a hybrid research instrument that offers you to listen to the electrochemical messages transmitted in your body by measuring biophoton emissions from the skin. Biophotons consist of light and they are used in cell to cell communication in plants, bacteria and animals/humans. Invisible to the naked eye, these particles of light belong to the electromagnetic spectrum. The Rhythm of Life is developed in collaboration with Dave Young and Leiden University.