What If Collective (NL)


MGNT from the What If Collective is one big sensor. Using microphones and sensors the installation hears and sees the visitors and it reacts to their movements, sounds and behaviour. They experience the power of magnetism just as Dick Raaymakers must have felt it decades ago while producing compositions at the Philips laboratories. The visitors themselves are the magnets that create new sounds on the tape surrounding them. The sounds they make in the space are turned into patterns of particles that light up and wash over the tape. As visitors come closer to the tape, they influence the graphic patterns, making the sound in the space change. The closer the tape, the bigger effect on the sound.

The What If Collective consists of architect Toon Rooijmans, industrial designer Rhys Duindam (both graduates of the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, working together as ‘De Jongens van de TU’), creative programmer Luuk Schippperhey (works for VPRO), and designers Lola Gielen (designer and graduate of the Design Academy Eindhoven).

The Collective had the idea for MGNT during a musical hackathon at VPRO Medialab. With this installation the What If Collective makes the link to the past and to Philips. Dick Raaijmakers’ trail-blazing experiments in electronic music, makes this type of music accessible to be experienced for a broad audience at Natlab.

The What If Collective from Eindhoven has won the first big STRP ACT with MGNT. The STRP Award for Creative Technology ACT is a new European prize that encourages the merging of innovative powers. STRP ACT positions Eindhoven and Noord-Brabant as the region that makes the future accessible now. Project partners are Brabant C., Sint Trudo and Park Strijp Beheer.

Live visual coding by Androvisuals
Sound design by Andri Pétur Þrastarson