Educational program during STRP events for PO, BSO, VO, MBO, HBO and teachers.

During the course of STRP festival, STRP SCHOOL organizes tours and programmes for various groups. One of them is STRP Biënnale. Here, visitors will be given a tour around an exposition and given information about the pieces on display, the artists behind them and their motivations behind creating art about technology. These tours are interesting to people who immerse themselves in technology, media, art and music, who want to experience technology from an artistic purview and vice versa. Our tour guides are there to explain which technology have been employed and how said technology works. Another point of emphasis is the intent of the artist and the story behind making the piece. Depending on the group’s field of interest, the guide will highlight either technological or artistic points of view.

Depending of the corresponding event, STRP SCHOOL organizes workshops or in-depth seminars. In an attempt to inject more significance to visiting the festival, the workshops and seminars delve further into the hand-picked themes of the STRP event in question.

Workshops delineate learning experiences that can only be concocted by doing things yourself. This means a lot of the assignments that challenge you technically, and creatively will be incentivized by yourself. Presentations generally make an exposition less detached, and more accessible. It stimulates participants to build their own creative and technological vernacular.

Schools in particular have plenty of input on the content of the lessons, things teachers can implement themselves after visiting STRP SCHOOL, with added hindsight to give their participation and attendance more meaning.

In 2017 we have lined out a special STRP SCHOOL programme during STRP Biënnale 2017. For more info on our different educational programs, contact Shirley Hendrikse.



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