Activities for elderly and projects where young and old can exchange knowledge and experiences.

STRP SENIOR is a program for retirees with a passion for technology and engineering. Tours, presentations and workshops are all centered around the notions of creative tech, and how different generations can work together.

STRP SENIOR is all about building bridges between the collective experience of the elderly – in the fields of electronics, mechanics and engineering – and the creative prowess of young artists and creators. In teams, they’ll share knowledge, skills and experiences to challenge each other to make technological innovations happen, as well as breaking boundaries on an artistic level. With vital input and knowledge from the older generation, intriguing new products and art pieces can be brought into fruition.

STRP SENIOR tours and seminars will take place during STRP events such as STRP Biënnale. The content of these programs isn’t that much different from the other educational events. One main big difference is that we accommodate elderly people better in terms of time schedule, accessibility and feasible travel distance. As a partner of
KunstRoute65, STRP SENIOR will organize activities for elderly people from many different districts in Eindhoven.

In 2016, STRP SENIOR accumulated two teams to work on uncharted new musical forms. One group of elderly people, all of whom play a musical instrument, worked with producer Joris Tillmans. Another group built an installation together with artist Ricky van Broekhoven, which reacted to different vibrations of sound. The end result was a merged live performance with visuals generated by the installation.

At the moment, we’re working on a follow-up project that will be realized at the next STRP Biënnale event. One of the features of this project is organizing tours and presentations for elderly.

Want to know more or do you work for an organisation that’s interested in collaborating with STRP SENIOR? Contact Shirley Hendrikse for more info. If you want to know how to participate at one of our events, keep an eye on this page!



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