Collaborations between younger, older, students, professionals and aficionados alike.

At STRP STUDIO projects, different generations, ranging from (former) professionals, students and pundits, will feel right at home. Participants work together in a span of months on a collective project that will be exhibited at STRP Biënnale. It’s a special way to inject new voices into the established core of international artists. Everyone operates on an equal playing field and the sheer diversity of participants garners new jolts of inspiration and results.

Two examples being 2013’s The New Machine Era and 2015’s TRANSFORM. The former was a huge public attraction: six teams comprised of students from TU, CMD and St. Joost, senior club De Klokkenmakers and artists Guus Voermans and Simon Haen built an impressive “chain reaction device”, which was demonstrated a couple of times a day.

One of the main objectives of these teams is to make technology accessible and visible to the public domain, instead of hidden inside the motherboard of a computer. A mission that was successful because every team operated from their specific expertise and background, revealing the questions by doing instead of speculating. Building the chain reaction device marked a fruitful process that was sparked by shared dialogue and diverse backgrounds of the participant.

In 2015, the featured STRP STUDIO-project at STRP Biënnale was TRANSFORM. Creatives from all ages, designers, programmers and hobbyists comprised four separate teams who were each linked to a partner from a company. Each team dissected and reshaped a particular object manufactured by the companies involved. One source of inspiration were those contruction kits released by LEGO, Fisher Technik and Mecano. You could buy an airplane, but you could also make a truck or train from all the spare parts. Teams were challenged to look at both the artistic and technical possibilities of the materials, not just the shape. Instead of making a dragon out of cogs and wheels, teams had to explore new functions of the materials at their disposal.

At this very moment, STRP is developing the next STUDIO project for the next edition of STRP BIënnale. For specific info about the announcement and outline of the new project, keep an eye on this page!



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