Sign up for a masterclass during STRP Biënnale 2017

For the most interested visitor, different masterclasses take place during STRP Biënnale. Guided by Toon Heesakkers from Creators, VICE’s arts and culture platform, anybody who wants to sharpen their pen as part of the STRP Biënnale, can attend the STRP Makes Sense masterclass. In Exploring touch as a VR medium Polymorf and Sriram Subramanian, professor and head of the Interact Lab of Sussex University, show that most VR productions stimulates only a very limited spectrum of the human sensorium. Get to work with Ultrahaptics and use ultrasone sound to generate touch feedback for your VR! Or begin a research, led by Marjolein Ruyg en Irma Driessen, to the impact of a Data double during Design & Date your Data double. Focus on the sense of smell and explore the capacity of the senses beyond imagination in the masterclass SENSE:COOP with Sissel Tolaas (Smell RE_ Search Lab Berlin), Mike Thompson en Susana Cámara Leret (Thought Collider, Amsterdam). Finally, Alwin de Rooij (Tilburg University) en Michel van Dartel (Avans Expert centre Art and Culture) provide you in The art and science of expanding our sensorium with the chance to start a dialogue about our expanding sensorium.

Interested in one of the masterclasses? There are limited tickets available, so sign up quickly!