STRP incites curiosity. STRP connects creativity and technology. STRP is maker driven. STRP makes sense of the future now.




STRP brings together art, technology and experimental pop culture and connects them to wide and interested audiences. With its interactive art, light art, robotics, performances, experimental music and films, lectures and workshops STRP offers a glimpse into the near and sometimes distant future of our technology-driven culture.

The highlight is the biennial. Held every other year, it is the most versatile indoor art & technology festival in the Netherlands, in Europe even. Throughout the year, the platform organises activities that allow both interested audiences and insiders to experience the extent to which existing new technology reaches into our visual and popular culture, the arts, but also our everyday lives.


Our mission is to initiate and present internationally high-profile technological art and creative innovation to interested audiences. We are firmly rooted in, and inspired by, popular culture and the unique strength of Brainport as a top technological and culturally minded region.

STRP likes to involve technological businesses and educational institutions in its search for cultural innovations that stem from the latest technology. STRP has developed alongside the Strijp-S area as a home base, from a raw industrial environment towards an urban living lab for the 21st century. Covering almost 67 acres, or 40 football pitches, it is the largest internationally recognised urban redevelopment area in the Netherlands and the heart of the Brainport region – which is among the smartest regions in worldwide.

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