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Angelique Spaninks

Managing Director / Curator

Jorge Alves Lino

Business leader

Gieske Bienert


Ayla de Wit

Office Manager

Paul Gabriëls

Music programmer

Shirley Hendrikse

Project coordinator STRP SHARE

Danielle Thomas

Office Manager

Lotte Monfrooij

Assistent Office Manager

Joost Heijthuijsen

Marketing and Communication

Nadine Roestenburg

Online communication and project operator

Suna Karaca

STRP Biënnale head of production

Marcel Verheijen

STRP Biënnale site production

Koos van Os

STRP Biënnale technical production

Bram Snijders

STRP Biënnale AV production

Vincent Schrijnemakers

STRP Biënnale ICT production

Jan Dams

STRP Biënnale Art production

Laszlo Gimenez

STRP Biënnale artist production

Marnix Baert

STRP Biënnale producer

Marijke van Hal

STRP Biënnale volunteers coordination

Jip Bierkens

Assistent communication

Ofer Kantor

Intern Communication and concept development

Bram Goosink


Laura Bertram

Intern STRP Share

Keshia Emke

Intern STRP Biënnale production

Suzan Verheijen

Intern Volunteers coordination

Willy Boets-Hollander

Internal communication

Brendan Vos

Project assistent

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors consists of people who do not receive any financial compensation of STRP. The board is supported by professionals on an business, marketing, artistic and productional level.

Carlo van de Weijer

Board | Chairman

Eric Liebers

Board | Finance

Lorna Goulden

Board | Internet of Things

Tom Ketelaar

Board | Music

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Stichting STRP
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5617 BD Eindhoven
The Netherlands

+31 40 236 7228



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STRP has received the ANBI status. This means that STRP is registered with the tax authorities as an Public Benefit Organization (“Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling”). On the website of the Belastingdienst you can find more information about the ANBI status.

Because of stimulating measures of the government and our ANBI status, giving a donation to STRP is more profitable than normal. The Law for Donation allows you to deduct 25 percent extra from the tax authorities.