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STRP Festival 2020

For all young people and students who were planning to visit STRP Festival in Eindhoven: we have not forgotten you!

The dialogues with artists, designers, thinkers, teachers, pupils and students that were intended during STRP Festival 2020 are now more relevant than ever. That is why we are now initiating a dialogue - although in an adapted form - with art, words, music, and performance, to explore and imagine different and new relationships between humans, plants, animals, microbes, things, and intelligence.

As of today, we are launching a series of home assignments for secondary education pupils and mbo students under the name STRP DigiSchool. Pupils and students can work on these Instagram assignments independently from home. For educators, we offer a manual to brief the assignment and reflect on it together with the pupils or students afterward.

STRP Digischool

STRP Education

STRP organizes tours, talks, workshops and projects for pupils, students and educators. We do this at our events, such as STRP Festival, but also on location such as at your school.

Whether it is secondary education, mbo, hbo or wo, our activities are always tailored to the level and interests of the specific group.

At STRP we focus on the impact that technology has on individuals and society. What does the future look like? What kind of future do we want? We dive into these questions together with artists, designers, and thinkers.

With our educational activities we encourage participants to think by doing and to learn by sharing. Thinking together, creating together and organizing together shape the learning environment. We challenge participants to relate to information and experiences. What do you think and why? How can different views co-exist? And can you adjust your opinion through new experiences? A critical and investigative attitude with which we stimulate an open, creative and social mentality. We believe that this attitude and mentality are becoming increasingly important to sustain yourself in our rapidly changing technological world.

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Customized Programs

STRP also develops customized programs in collaboration with educational partners, such as workshops around a specific theme or practical assignments which are partly coached by STRP. Are you interested in a collaboration? Do you want to find out what the possibilities are? Contact Shirley Hendrikse via shirley[at] or 040-2367228

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