Timothy Morton Reading Group

9 December 2019, 6 & 20 January 2020 (19:30 – 21:00)

Prepare yourself for STRP Scenario #5: An Evening with Timothy Morton by reading 'Being Ecological' together with us.

Morton’s books are an invitation to start thinking in an associative, playful way. And what better than to do this together? With our reading group we can pause, think and discuss Morton's ideas together.

We will be discussing (parts of) ‘Being Ecological’ (2018), also available in Dutch ‘Ecologisch Wezen’ (2018). Don’t expect this book to give you a summary of ecological facts and figures or an accusatory monologue, but rather a plea for handling ecological knowledge in a more sincere way.

Practical info

The reading group will take place on three Monday evenings in Eindhoven, and will be held in English, but please feel free to read this book in Dutch.

Participation is free of charge and includes a free ticket to STRP Scenario #5: An Evening with Timothy Morton on 30 January 2020. STRP takes care of drinks and snacks. We are looking for committed participants that join all three evenings. Previous knowledge is not required, except for having read the texts prior to the meetings, will let you know by email when we will be discussing which parts.

Please note that reading Morton’s work might require more concentration than the average attention span of the post-digital generation is used to. You might want to start reading asap.

Apply! Want to join in? Just send an email to nadine@strp.nl before 25 November 2019. Please mention your name and your background/profession. To keep the discussion dense and intense, we have set a limit of 15 participants. Additional practical info will be sent to you by email.