Het Festival

March 30 – April 7

STRP Festival 2019

STRP says: to hell with future phobia, here's to the future! STRP explores scenarios for a positive future. We will guide you through a time in which technology seems to offer the solution for everything, and doom-scenarios are leading.

During STRP Festival 2019 you will meet artists and activists, thinkers and doers, who focus primarily on imagination, and as such are able to give shape to inspiring alternatives. For 10 days you will be immersed in visual art, exciting technological perspectives, performances, lectures and open discussions.

Live Radio

RaRaRadio will be continuously present at STRP Festival and will broadcast its daily shows from there.

Listen to the broadcasts >

Read the stories

Also daily: STRP reporters will be collecting stories and experiences from the visitors.

You can read all these stories here > medium.herestothefuture



Waar is het?

Klokgebouw 50
5617 AB Eindhoven