Terms & Conditions

STRP Festival 2020

Terms and Conditions visitors STRP events

1. Definitions and determinations

1.1 Definitions

Ticket: A ticket received by e-mail after an order via www.strp.nl or one of the (online) ticket-outlets of Stager, which gives you access to the event.

Stager: The official and only company providing tickets for STRP events.

Record(ing)(s): Video, Photo, Audio or any other registrations made at the festival.

Visitor(s): Any person visiting the festival in any matter or function.

STRP, Festival, Organiser, Organization or Event: Any event or performance organized by STRP, registered as Stichting STRP at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven.

1.2 Determinations

By ordering a ticket and or entering the event’s venues or locations, you agree with these Terms & Conditions.

We may change these Terms & Conditions at any time without notice. You can find them on our website www.strp.nl.

These Terms & Conditions are deposited at the Chamber of Commerce in Eindhoven.

These Terms & Conditions fall under Dutch law.

Any legal conflict arising from these regulations shall be governed by Dutch law and be subject to the judgement of the competent court in the Eindhoven court district.

2. Tickets

2.1 General

No refunds or exchanges will be given on any tickets for any reason including the total cancellation or postponement of the event due to force majeur.

In the event of cancellation or postponement Organiser will not be held liable for any personal costs that Visitor may have incurred i.e.: travel or accommodation costs.

All tickets are sold online via www.strp.nl via Stager and their ticket outlets.

Tickets are and stay property of the event.

2.2 E-tickets

You will receive a confirmation of your booking by e-mail with a link to your tickets.

Tickets include a unique barcode, which gives you access to the event.

Payments will be handled via the payment methods offered by Stager: iDeal, Mastercard, Visa. You can see all payment methods and its respective fees in the payment section while ordering your tickets.

Stager can help Visitor in case problems in the order process occur.

2.3 Tickets via ticket outlets

Hard copy tickets for Event from any outlet (presale or doors) are brought by Stager and include a unique barcode, which gives you access to the event.

3. Visiting the festival

3.1 Admittance and house rules

Respect both Artists and other visitors. Don’t talk loud during a show or performance and let people enjoy what they came to see/experience.

Admittance is only ensured with a valid Ticket.

By entering the venue, Visitor complies with the Organizer’s house rules:

For the duration of the event, Organiser is responsible and accountable for the Venue. All persons entering the venue must observe instructions given by the organisation or persons authorised by organisation. These include doormen, cloakroom staff, security and supervisors. They will be authorised to remove visitors and third parties from the grounds without refunding ticket cost.

At all times, organisation shall be entitled to ban or refuse access to Visitors.

The organisation shall be entitled to search the clothing and belongings (e.g. bags, wallets) of all persons in the venue. Visitors who refuse to be searched will be denied access to the Event.

The Event will host interactive works of art. Participating visitors must observe all regulations and instructions associated with the relevant piece of art and may have to sign the STRP waiver. Visitor will participate entirely at their own risk. Organiser will not accept any liability for any possible injury or damage that may result from participating with said interactive works.

Visitors may be subject to continuous sound levels, which may cause damage to hearing. Please wear ear protection.

It shall not be permitted:

To access areas not open to visitors

To bring (alcoholic) beverages, food, glass, cans, plastic bottles, spray cans, fireworks, weapons, objects that can be used as weapons and other dangerous objects into the venue. These items will be taken and if needed reported to the police

To climb works of art, decoration material, furniture, stairs or walls other than for normal use

To take pets to the Event’s site

To threaten, damage, harass, destroy, abuse, intimidate or discriminate in any way

To demonstrate sexual harassment, aggressive behaviour or racism

To wear offending symbols or clothing

To drink or order alcoholic beverages under the age of 18

To provide alcoholic beverages to visitors under the age of 18

To smoke outside of the designated smoking areas

To be under the influence of drugs or other hallucinogenic agents

To deal in or use soft drugs or hard drugs. Dealers caught supplying drugs will be evicted from the Venue, reported to the police and may face criminal prosecution

To advertise your event or business with folders, flyers or sell any goods without prior written consent from the organiser

To damage property belonging to Organiser or to persons or businesses it has hired, to visitors, the site or local residents. This includes sticking banners or spraying graffiti in any form. Any damage will be reported to the police Event staff is authorised by Organiser to decide whether or not any of the regulations above have been violated. Failure to follow any of the house rules or terms and conditions shall result in ejection of the premises without refund of your ticket.

The following age regulations apply:

Visitor is required to hold and display a valid proof of identity (passport, identity card, drivers licence) when entering the Venue, to determine the age. No ID is no entry.

Performance nights are 18+ events. No visitors under 18 will be allowed into the venue. The website will clarify when an event is categorized as performance nights.

Concert nights are all ages. Persons under the age of 18 are only granted access if they are accompanied by a Visitor aged 18 or over.

Recordings at the festival:

Making recordings for personal use is allowed at all performances and events, unless mentioned or instructed otherwise by the event’s qualified personnel or signing. SLR cameras with objectives larger than 50 mm are not allowed. Approved media are, of course, excluded from this regulation.

Professional recordings, e.g. records for publications and broadcastings, are not allowed at any time, unless the medium has written consent from the event organisation.

Media must have Organiser’s written consent prior to the happening of the event to make any kind of records.

Organisation has the right to make audio, photo and video recordings, which might feature Visitor(s), and use these as and when it sees fit. In case you object to being filmed or photographed, please let personnel know and it will be taken into account.

Visitors consent to their filming, photographing and sound recording as members of the audience. By entering this Event site you agree to being filmed or photographed which may be used for marketing or promotional purposes. In case you object to being filmed or photographed, please let personnel know and it will be taken into account.

It is not possible to re-enter the venue during events without a valid ticket.

It is not allowed to exit the venue with beverages or (plastic) cups.

For security reasons, there will be video surveillance. The organisation is entitled to hand over recordings to the police if necessary.

Neither Organiser nor persons working for Organiser accept any liability for any damage incurred by visitors or third parties or caused by them on or in the vicinity of the Venue where Event takes place, in any case including property damage or injuries due to:

Violation of any of these regulations

The loss of property

Noise or sound levels

Too close proximity to stages

Lost items will be stored for two weeks after the event. The organisation will then be free to dispose of the goods.

In the event of calamities or emergencies, the organisation’s instructions must be followed.

3.2 Line-up and changes

The right is reserved to add, withdraw, reschedule or substitute and/or vary programs, artists, prices, venues and audience capacity at all times without notice.

4. Privacy policy

For any and all info on our privacy policy, we kindly redirect you to our privacy policy as mentioned on our website www.strp.nl.

5. Force majeure

The Festival is never liable for damage suffered by the Visitor as a result of force majeure on the part of the Festival. Force majeure also includes any circumstance beyond the Festival's control - even if this was already foreseeable as a possibility at the time the contract was concluded - that temporarily or permanently prevents fulfilment of the contract and, insofar as not already included, any war, acts of war, civil war, riots, lockdown by the authorities, police and/or fire fighting measures, strikes, transport problems, fire and other serious disruptions in the Festival's business or in the venue, weather conditions and, for whatever reason, non-functioning public transport.

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