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April 2-5, 12:00-20:00

Meteors, tulips, human DNA and a DIY rocket: all this and a lot more at STRP EXPO 2020. Experience 14 works of art, from multi-sensory experiences to a theatrical game. We are super proud that we have been able to realize the ACT Award again. The winners of the ACT Award 2020 are Miyuki Oka, Nonhuman Nonsense and Antoine Bertin.

Participating artists of the exhibition are Anaïs Tondeur, Anna Ridler, Antoine Bertin, Dominique Koch, Emke Idema, Floris Kaayk, Justin Brice Guariglia, Forest 404, Marleine van der Werf, Miyuki Oka, Nonhuman Nonsense, Polymorf and Universal Everything.

Besides these works in the exhibition, there will be a presentation by three Design Academy Eindhoven (Master Information Design students)

Deep Hanging Out

Deep Hanging Out is our festival hangout, where friends and strangers meet to reflect upon the EXPO.

Artists & Artworks

Anais Tondeur

Anaïs Tondeur - Carbon Black

From high up in the stratosphere to deep within our bodies: follow a black carbon particle’s journey through air and discover how this man-made meteor was collected and used to tell its story in print.

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Anna Ridler credits Jonathan Jones

Anna Ridler - Mosaic Virus & Myriad (Tulips)

Crypto tulips and Machine Learning: get a live peak behind Anna Ridler's computer screens and see how she manually selects 10,000 tulips to feed her AI system. Who knew there is still so much human labor in automation involved?

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Antoine Bertin

Antoine Bertin - Species Counterpoint

A, G, C, and T. These four puzzle pieces form every DNA sequence possible. Antoine Bertin examines how these DNA-codes sound by composing its soundtrack. What do you hear? Mostly differences or the sound of overlap?

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Dominique Koch

Dominique Koch - Holobiont Society

Language, as a tool, is quite something. Holobiont Society delves deeper in our human vocabulary and reflects on the meaning of scientific knowledge. What happens when we explore the space between language and reality?

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Emke Idema Forest

Emke Idema - FOREST

Suppose that cutting down trees would be considered murder; what would we be left to deal with? When playing Emke Idema’s theatergame FOREST, you explore the answer together with a group. Will we continue living like we are used to, side by side? Or is radical change inevitable?
!! You need an extra ticket to participate in this game, on sale online soon!

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Ground Station Floris Kaayk Next Space Rebels

Floris Kaayk - Next Space Rebels

Who owns space? A question concerning many scientists. In the game Next Space Rebels follow in the footsteps of space activists while you experiment with building your very own DIY rocket.

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Justin Brice Guariglia - REDUCE SPEED NOW!

Ho! Wait! Before you go, can we talk about planet earth for a moment? REDUCE SPEED NOW exhibits the ideas of writers, poets and philosophers about a global world in crisis. What do you have to say about climate change? How do your ideas relate to those across the globe?

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Forest 404

BBC's post-bio podcast Forest 404 is set in a nearby future, where protagonist Pan finds a sound recording of a jungle in Sumatra. The podcast confronts us with the effect of extinction and loss. What does a rainforest sound like when you’ve never heard its sound before?

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Marleine van der Werf The Living Dead

Marleine van der Werf - The Living Dead

How does it feel to be absolutely convinced you are dead, without organs, or to put it simply: you don't exist? Crawl inside the head of someone who is suffering from the Cotard syndrome in The Living Dead. Is your body truly yours? And where does consciousness take place?

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ACT2 Miyuki Oka

Miyuki Oka - Ikitoshi

Don't speak ill of the dead. Ikitoshi brings ecology and death together by showing what mortality may look like in the future. Together we remember everything that is still here and everything that is gone. What if death could feed all forms of life on earth?

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Nonhuman Nonsense Sara Kollberg

Nonhuman Nonsense - Planetary Personhood: Martian Matters

300,000 years ago, astronaut Allan Hills settled on an new planet: our planet. Now he is stuck in Houston, Texas. Martian Matters stands up for his rights but also those of the planet Mars. Let’s unite!

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Polymorf Symbiosis

Polymorf - Symbiosis

What will a human body look like when the world is no longer governed by people? What features will it take over? Can something completely new arise? Change for the better and experience how your body transforms and reacts through.

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Universal Everything

Universal Everything - Emergence

Everyone is different and together we are all unique. Fight for the primary desire to stay authentic in VR experience Emergence and find your way through a huge crowd of people. Experience how frightening it is to be part of the masses. One for all and all for one?

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Dutch Design Academy

Design Academy Eindhoven - Claire Matthews, Daatje Vera & Rona David

Rising numbers of satellites in space, conflicting communication systems between ships and whales and the need to store human knowledge. Are we capable of grasping the essence and origin of information again? Or are we forever lost in man-made trails of data?

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